Everyone knows about the benefits and the positive effects of the sports in the life of the people who practice them. However, are you aware of the impact that exercise generates on a business level? These are the principal fitworking exercise:


every innovation process needs undoubtedly creativity

The creativity is the result of the development of divergent thinking in the brain: That part in our mind that, through neuronal activity, search or create solutions of problems that doesn´t have only one way to be solve.

Well, the sports and the physical exercise is key to stimulate that divergent thinking, because as the body train, there is more blood segregation to the brain and this produces a biological effect that is called Neurogenesis, which basically consist in the production of new neurons and glial cells in the brain.

It is not by chance that nowadays the success of the startups created by people between 25 and 35 years old. We are talking that, in Spain, more than 70% of the people in this age range practice in a regular basis any kind of sport or physical exercise.

Corporative Social Responsibility

A healthy body increases levels of productivity at work

It is not a secret that today, with the evolution of the technology and internet; the people move less because everything is at the reach of their hand. At work, the employees stay the most part of their time in front of their computers; this has increased the number of people with health problems caused by overweight. If we add the increase of people with physical, mental and stress related problems, we see that the companies are facing a serious compromise and responsibility towards the employees’ health.

Through FITWorking, we look that the formation, internal communication processes and the corporate events are dynamic and through the exercise they can obtain better results and at the same time promotes physical activity as part of the work life; not just as a solution of the health problems but also as a defense mechanism against stress, because when we exercise our body burns adrenaline, that same adrenaline that under stress overload our body and produce abnormal symptoms and behavior as a defense mechanism.

Management Methodology

Is the same as speaking of athletes and managers, who are just in different contexts

The athletes and managers have everything in common. Both in sports and businesses, you grow, compete, win and reach success: with discipline, passion, willpower, determination, team work, training, and having a constant search for progress and improvement.

Through FITWorking, we search for that inspirational and emotive part of the sports like boxing, to translate that into the management world. We want to inspire through sports. We want to foster leaders with business mind and heart of an athlete.


the biggest business deals are closed in a non-corporate environment

Deals, alliances, business in general, tend to be closed in different environments than a corporate one. This happened because in those environment people tend to be relaxed, they interested in know the other part and with that generate empathy. The empathy is the basis of trust when doing business.

The FITWorking seek to generate sports environment. Contexts that allow our clients to know each other, generate empathy and stablish a dynamic and wide networking relationship.


everything is easier when you learn playing

When we talk about gamification, we refer to the application of methodologies of games in a non-recreational context. In short, we use games for professional, academic or business purposes.

The FITWorking, gamifies the consultant industry through boxing. The sport is a game itself, and the best games are the ones that challenge the players. People, by nature, love to be challenge, and the sports, in that sense, are one of the best examples. Thus through FITWorking, we seek challenge our clients in a progressive way, we propose their goals and give them the necessary train to reach those goals. Whit this we stimulate the team work, ideas generation, and goal achievement.

We want that our clients have fun, be inspired and become fighters, but above all, that they feel as an active part of the creative process.

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