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How to be competitive and differentiate your business?

The value proposal is the answer, the exercise is the way

What we do

Trough exercise we promote and develop business communication and innovation processes, helping them to identify and structure the value proposition of their service or product to connect to their target market. We create business strategies and communication methods that enhance the engage of employees in the creative and innovation processes trough workouts. With all of this we offer a complementary portfolio of services that will help portray the value proposition in each and every business area.

“we all know the benefits of practice sports, but we don´t know is that these benefits help us increase the innovation processes and business productivity”

How we do it

Throughout FITWORKING, a methodology created by us, relaying on the concept of Smart Exercise, we use physical activity as a trigger to boost the creative ability in the brain, integrating cognitive, emotional and health benefits of sports with creative processes like design thinking to identify and achieve specific business objective.

as in sports, every creative process requires learning, but beyond that, takes practice. Not enough to know about design thinking process. In this context, the training is what is going to give us, in a progressive way, the abilities and skills to develop that creativity that will help you to reach the final goal that is the creation of your value proposition.


In Rabbit we want our customers to learn and be self-taught, so they can use the tools in future problems.

“We don’t want our clients to reach us because of a necessity. We want them to reach us because of their passion of their business”

We combine physical training and design thinking methodologies as a game to help and develop creativity process that will transform in a reality the essence of the business.

“Innovate playing is much more fun and above all effective”

With this methodology we integrate the physical, cognitive, and emotional benefits of doing sports, guiding our clients towards the development of the specific business objective.

“We all know the benefits of doing exercise, what we don´t know is that these benefits can increase the business productivity and innovative process”


Oscar Porras
CEO & Founder
Susana Palacio
CIO & Co-Founder
Alejandro Coll
CFO CTM & Co-Founder

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